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Marla+Mark 10.24.09 – Austin Wedding

Marla&Mark had an amazing wedding last night. These 2 are a super busy couple from Chicago and planning a wedding in Austin, Texas proved to be a little challenging so so they left the planning


I had a great time exploring with Sarah&Kyle on Saturday morning… YES morning… 8:30am. I’m amazed anyone without kids would agree to getting up that early on the weekend but you

Taylor is ONE!!!

I have been extremely fortunate to know Taylor since she was in the oven and she just turned ONE… and even more fortunate to have photographed her parent’s wedding back in 2006.

Courtney+Jeff 10.03.09 – The Westin La Cantera San Antonio Wedding Part 2

Courtney&Jeff had an incredible wedding at The Westin La Cantera in SAn Antonio Texas! I don’t think I have ever been this tired before… We didn’t stop shooting till after 1:30.

Courtney+Jeff 10.03.09 – The Westin La Cantera San Antonio Wedding

I had an incredible wedding last night at The Westin La Cantera Resort in  San Antonio! It was  definately one of my most challenging weddings (it rained all DAY!) but we managed to stay dry and get


Greg and Ashley are sooooo freaking adorable together… I know must guys would not  like to be called adorable but I think Greg gets my drift.  I mean.. REALLY… look at them. I had such a

A little light reading…

A friend of mine sent me this article and I found it not only to be very interesting but very TRUE! I really felt that it would be good for “us” professional photographers to share this.