Monthly Archives: February 2010

almost there… Allison&Cubby!

Allison&Cubby are getting married on March 6th at Laguna Gloria!!!! Cubby Dream Dinner Guest: Chris Farley – He knew how to eat and how to party. Hero: Arnold Schwarzenegger – He

Fabi&Rosi for Austin Monthly and Austin Restaurant Week are HERE!

I just wanted to share the last DINING form Austin Monthly for Fabi&Rosi. This place is sooooooooo good. It’s a MUST TRY! For everyone who is ready to see more wedding POST… they will

my sweet MEMO is 6!

Sweet MEMO… THANK YOU for being so awesome!!! You make me a better person everyday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I love you pumpkin! PS… I’ll add a couple of Memo’s SUPERHERO PARTY

Valentines DAY!

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine’s DAY! XOXO, Vanessa and the FAM!

gallery wraps!

I wanted to share this 30×40 gallery wrap that just came in for a client of mine. It’s soooooooo COOL!