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Beth+Dominic – Driskill Hotel, Austin TX 05.29.10 part2

Here is the second post from Beth and Dom’s wedding! I had such a great time and I can’t THANK all the vendors enough for their hard work putting this together. A huge shout out to Beth and Dom’s family and friends for being so fun to be around and making me feel like one of the family! I wish you guys the BEST!!!!! Ceremony: St Mary’s Cathedral, Reception: Driskill Hotel, Band: Blind Date, Lighting: Illios and Flowers: Petal Pushers. Here is PART 1 and some engagement photos!

Kat - Part 2 is EVEN better!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures and the beautiful story they tell of an amazing couple on their amazing day!!

Natalie - haha. Dom–your face when we’re holding you is PRICELESS!!! :D

Even more great photos, Vanessa! You’re the best!

Vanessa - Thanks Natalie!!!! It was sooooooo much fun!

Sarah - Your dress is amazing! I am in love with it. Where is it from?

kristi wright - What a fun wedding! The couple seems like they were a blast to photograph. You did an amazing job!!

Ollie - Three words… UH MAZE ING!! Great pics from a wonderful night. Can’t wait to see the rest. B and D looked great! Thanks a bunches!

beth+dominic – st mary’s cathedral austin texas 05.29.10 part1

I don’t know where to start… really… I have a zillion thoughts running through my head. So I’ll start with the most important… Beth and Dominic are SUPER cool and I’m so grateful to have photographed 2 sister’s weddings… so THANKS to Noelle and George for starting this trend!!! Beth and Dom I think all I need to say is I HAD A BLAST and I can’t express to you enough how glad I am that you guys “do it your way” (yes I just totally stole that from your dad) … I wish you guys all the BEST in LIFE and I can’t wait to see you again because I will! So here are some photos from the first part of the day. The ceremony took place at the amazing St. Mary’s Cathedral downtown with the reception at the Driskill Hotel. Come back to see some capitol, downtown and finally Driskill reception photos. To see some of Beth&Dom’s engagement photos click here.

checking it out!!! THANKS Brian

I just had to post this second shot because they make smile!

and here is a little tease of the photos that will be coming in my next post….

questions to be answered later… ha! I think I’ll let Beth address this herself!

Matt K - Great photos!

Dominic Soria - I know this is just the sneak peak but these look AMAZING, Vanessa! The jumping pictures are definitely my favorite. Thanks so much for making our day so special and we look forward to seeing the rest!


Karen - Great pics!

Laura - Wow! These photos are amazing. I cant wait to see the rest!

Natalie - Fabulous pictures, as usual, Vanessa!

B, you look gorgeous (also as usual). :)

vanessa - Thanks guys!!!!!! It was soooooooo much fun. Vanessa

Cheryl - Amazing! I’m impressed how flexible some of the guys are:) I love how natural everything looks, not posed at all! Can’t wait for the rest.

Donna Traweek - WOW! What a great looking bride and groom!
Spectacular fun!
Wonderful pictures.

Lauren Arther - Vanessa! These are so great so far! I love the lens you used and the way you captured the lighting in all of them. I cannot wait to see the rest and you’ll definitely be recommended in the future!

-Lauren A

Lois - What a beautiful bride and groom….what a beautiful day!

Christina Trbovic - Beth you look gorgeous! Congrats and best wishes to the two of you. By the way your photographer is awsome…I wish I had someone like that.

Camille - Great photos!!! We had a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see you both soon. xoxo

Dani Balian - Such amazing pictures of an amazing couple. You truly captured their spirit well.

Barrett - Great photos you two! Glad I could be part if it!

Kat - Awesome Pictures!! Love them!!
I may or may not have passed them along to other people because they are so beautiful!! :)

Joyce Stanley - I love the Cathedral shots, especially the black & white outside shot.

John - Fantastic photos of a fantastic couple, you are a joy to behold!

DeTorres KIDDOS (Georgie and Sophia)!

Noelle and George are awesome and now they are awesome X2!!! They are in town for Noelle’s sister Beth’s wedding this weekend (which I’m super excited about!) so we decided to start Tuesday with some kids portraits and then a BBQ at our house! THANKS for hanging out and I can’t wait to see you on Saturday. 

Noelle and George mentioned how Georgie always has his tongue out… well so did Sol!

from our time in NY together in 2006!

George DeTorres - If there is ever a photographer to use for a wedding or a family photo shoot it is Vanessa. Not only is she a very talented photographer, but she will become your life-long friend after one of her sessions. Last week she shot our family. Although our children (2 and 1 years old) were not the most cooperative, she got some really great photos. Upon my return to NJ I was speaking with my Mom and telling her that Vanessa our wedding photographer took some family photos. Her response: “Whoa, she is really great. I’m sure the pictures came out great. I can’t wait to see them.”
We were thrilled that our brother and sister recently hired Vanessa to shoot their wedding. From first glance, the pics from their wedding look fantastic. Especially the one of our daughter at the altar. Nice pic Vanessa! I’m already getting emails from friends that saw it on Facebook. We love you and your family and can’t wait to hang out with you the next time we are in Austin!

George DeTorres

vanessa - you are sweet!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hang out again and I hope sooner than later.

Gail Boyd - Great pictures of Beth and Dominic’s fun wedding, and the best pictures yet of Georgie and Sophia!

stacy+matt – the plantation house 05.22.10 Part2

As promised PART 2! It was just an honor to be part of Stacy and Matt’s wedding at the Plantation House and as usual I’m just reminded of how good I have it! Love, Vanessa!!!!

Carol Nicotra - Stacy – your pictures are amazing and your dress is absolutely beautiful. loved the cake – the colors were great!!

James Mlodzianowski - Great pictures, love the sparklers, you both dancing together is my favorite picture(047 sm).

shanda burge - beautiful pictures, they really captured the mood of the whole day.

Linda - Beautiful, again!

Amanda - I love everything about you wedding

Amy Cooke - i love the photos of Stacy and Matt dancing with the draping canopy above them! Well done!

Craig Lucas - Some very nice pictures, I like how even the little details were captured that most people wouldn’t even notice. But I must say, I want the car, lol.

Kathy McDaniel - I know in a way that was a bittersweet day. With your loved ones who weren’t able to be there but they were there in spirit. Grandpaw would have been so proud of you

Alishia - STUNNING!!!

Jenny - I love them! Such great action shots!

Charlene - Love the black and white under the arch, and the sparkler send off very platinum weddings stac!

Janice - Great pictures!!! Looks like a fun day!!!

Hillary - I just love love love your wedding~!!! thanks for sharing such a great post!

Regina - Vanessa, you’re awesome! What great photography. Looking at these photos makes me feel like I was there. You really captured the essence of the whole event. I’m putting you in my contacts right now! :)

Joyce - Loved the candy bar collage

Jeanne Brunet - So many lovely pictures, I can’t choose a favorite. They’re really beautiful! Thanks for sharing them… and best wishes again to the happy couple!

Lisa - LOVE the candybar, the cake, the ceiling of your venue!!! Congrats and best wishes to you and your hubs!

Symone - WOW, that is some reception! Congrats to the new bride & groom, all the happiness in the world to you! P-dub <3 :)

Jennifer - How perfect your day was! The details captured are amazing!

Rachelle - What a beautiful wedding! Love all the gorgeous details!

Heidi - What a GORGEOUS bride! Amazing photos!!

Lauren - Love all your pictures they came out amazing!

Sarah - So beautiful!!!!! Congratulations guys!!

Priscilla Meeker - Beautiful pictures. You captured the beauty of this wonderful moment so well!

Grandma Motl - Beautiful pictures…Lots of happiness….Everyone having fun!

Angela - Wow, every detail is perfect, love it!

audrey - Wow…these pictures are AMAZING!

Lisa Wooldridge - Stacy and Matt, You are great models. It must have been easy for the photographer. These photos are lovely. Great work! Lisa and Rex Wooldridge

trisha - Love the creative images.

Julia Fleming - These pictures are fantastic

Connie - Gorgeous bride + handsome groom = a beautiful wedding!

stacy+matt – the plantation house 05.22.10

Stacy and Matt had a super sweet wedding at the The Plantation House with the ceremony at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in Pflugerville this past weekend. Stacy has to be one of the most relaxed brides I have ever seen and Matt has to be one of the most down to earth men I have ever met… THESE TWO are perfect together.  Stacy and her mom did such an amazing job with all the details and I loved the colors. You’ll have to come see the CANDY BAR on the next post. I do have to honestly say I missed Latte… THANKS for all the trust I hope you LOVE these photos as much as I do! I’ll have a second post later on this week with some of Stacy’s bridal photos. To see some of their engagement photos click here.

I love both versions of this photo!

Andrea - Beautiful as always! I’m in love with that last shot!

Stacy - I am in love with all of these photos! Thank you so much for documenting our special day!

lynn - Great looking couple

Kim Jones - Absolutely beautiful pics, especially the last one!

Kari - Love the pics!! Your so beautiful Stacy!! Congrats!!

Bobbi Schade - your wedding was stunning. i love the way the photos captured your special day. best of everything to you.

Bryan - Good pictures good time!

Jackie - Congrats Stacy!! Your pictures are beautiful. They really capture your personalities! I’m so glad we got to be apart of your special day. Love ya.

Crystal - you look so beautiful and so happy

James Mlodzianowski - Amazing pictures, you guys are the perfect couple. Also great job on all the details.

Joyce Stanley - Wow, beautiful photos of a beautiful couple on their day! Thanks, Vanessa, the wedding went by like a blur, so I can really enjoy & appreciate your photography more than you know.

Jane Miller - Wow!! You looked like a million bucks!

Vicky Stanley - You both look so happy and relaxed.

Annette Padgett - You were absolutely beautiful and relaxed Stacy. I keep looking at your eyes/smile and know that you are truly in love. Have a wonderful and blessed life together.

shanda burge - Amazing photos you guys and a wonderful day was had by all!

Amanda cerda - The wedding was beautiful and the pictures turned out amazing. These are seriously some of the best wedding pics I’ve ever seen.

Christine Mesich - Amazing pictures – I especially LOVE the b&w of the two of you on the bench, and the blessing by Fr. James in B&W!!

Carl Andreason - Fantastic photos! You guys look very happy so stay that way.

alycia - I’m so glad we were able to share these memories with you! You have some beautiful photos to remember this special day by! Love you!

David - These photos are great! The photographers really did a super job! I like the mix of color and Black & white photos. Both of you look like you look like you had lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Evans - These Photos are Beautiful! What a Beautiful couple! I absolutely love the Photo of the B & W of the two of you on the bench..

Crystal - What a beautiful couple! Congratulations and the pictures are awesome!

TRISH WAND - Beautiful!! Stacy looks like a model. Congratulations, we send our heartfelt best wishes for a long and happy marriage!

Melba Baxter - The pictures were so beautiful. I love the Special picture of you and your Grandma and the one of y’all on the Bench and you are looking down. Great!! My best wishes to you!!

Melba Baxter

Linda - Very beautiful!

Amanda - Absolutely beautiful I love them

Judith Kemper - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Congratulations to you both!

Amy Cooke - I love all of these photos! Vanessa really captured the beauty of your day :)

Marsha - I am so very happy for you both! May all your days be filled with love! God Bless!

Ron LaLonde - The photos are great and you guys make a great couple and wish I could have been there on your special day and to take a ride in the HOT rod!!

Kristen - These pictures are amazing. Congratulations to you both.

Anthony Ammari - very nice photos. you look very happy wish you the best in years to come

Kathy McDaniel - WOW! Almost makes me want to get married again… You guys are such a beautiful couple cant wait to see the youngins so now for baby photos…..

Brittin - Wow, Vanessa did a great job. I love the photos!!!

Laura - What a beautiful wedding! Every single photo is simple gorgeous!!

Julienne - Beautiful!!

Janie - What a stunning wedding and what a beautiful couple! Gorgeous photos!

Kamisha - Simply stunning!

Yvette Davis - What beautiful pictures. Stacy and Matt look so happy.

Jenny - These are so beautiful! I have the same dress she wore- so exciting!

Anne - These photos are just stunning. You guys make a gorgeous couple!!

Andrea - Wow these photos are absolutly amazing. Wedding looks fabulous.

Jen - Gorgeous pictures! I love all of them!!

Pamela L. - BEAUTIFUL! Everything looks soooo amazing! Congrats Stacey and Matt!

Charlene - Stacey you looked stunning! Everything looked amazing. The two of you are too freakin’ cute. Much love and happiness.

Tiffany Warner - Such gorgeous photos. So absolutely beautiful!

Michelle McComas - beautiful pictures!!

Jessica - These photos are stunning and your dress is gorgeous!

Rachel - These are absolutely magnificent pictures. My favorite is the priest holding his hand up like he is blessing them. Beautiful shot!

Stacy-Ann - Lovely work!

Lorri - You did such an amazing job. Beautiful!

Kelly - gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riley - Gorgeous wedding and photography! I love the his & her mirror shots!!

Priscilla - Lovely pictures! Great photography!

Marissa - These are amazing photos of a beautiful wedding!

Monthrae - Simply, amazing and beautiful wedding photos. Congrats’and continued blessings to the both of you.

Goldie - Wow, absolutely lovely photos!

Hillary - Absolutely gorgesous!!!!!!!!!

Van - Love the black and white photos.

Regina - Stacy is one of the prettiest brides I’ve seen and Matt ain’t too bad as a groom either LOL!! Congrats and absolutely love love love the pix!! Has Latte seen these? (hee hee)

Sheryl Maddox - Beautiful! Vanessa did a great job of capturing all the details and special moments!

Rebecca - What lovely photos! Congratulations from a fellow PW bride.

nicole - you really captured their love for one another

Ashley - Wow! Gorgeous photos. Congratulations Stacy & Matt!! PW Love!

Lauren - These photos are gorgeous!!!!! :)

Lisa - I LOVE your first look photos – Stacy, your photographer really captured the excitment in both of your faces! STUNNING!

Symone - BEAUTIFUL pictures, I can’t wait to see more! :)

Jennifer - WOW these all came out stunning!!

Amy - Wow. What a beautiful day! The photos are fabulous!

Sarah - AMAZING! What a dreamy wedding.

Erin - Gorgeous!! Congrats!! Beautiful colors and photos!

Candice - Absolutely stunning!!! Unbelievable details and photography! What a beautiful day, captured so perfectly.

Ashley - gorgeous pictures! It looks like your day was perfect!

kay - These pictures are amazing! You had a beautiful wedding, love the color scheme! Your programs were great too!

Jennifer - Beautiful work! Every photograph is stunning!

kelly - beautiful! Congrats to the happy couple! you did a wonderful job!

Rebecca - Looks wonderful—congrats!

Michelle - Gorgeous colors- love the emotions captured!

Joy - Stunning photos!!!

Pamella - Your wedding was beautiful, congrats Mrs, from a PW friend.

Ashley - Beautiful wedding! Great Job :)

stacey - Gorgeous photos! You both look so stunning! Pdub love.

Arleen - Beatiful pictures and congrats!

Ann Pelitera - Dear Joyce,

Your daughter is just beautiful, thank you for sharing this very imporant day with me. God is good all the Time!!! God Bless you
and your family!!!!

Corey - Just stunning!! What a beautiful wedding!

Kim - AMAZING photographs! And you looked beautiful too! GREAT WORK!

Lori Saldana - BEAutiful shots! The whole event was gorgeous! Now time to relax lol!

Tassie - Beautiful Wedding!!

Amanda - Beautiful pictures!

Winnie Fleming - Great pictures!!!! Reminds us of a wonderful celebration we experienced.

Julia Fleming - Such beautiful day to remember with gorgeous pictures!

nishan+maheshi -austin wedding, four seasons hotel 05.07.10 part2

Here is PART 2 of Nishan&Maheshi wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel!!! I had never attended or photographed a Buddhist ceremony and I was truly a wonderful experience to see and feel this amazing tradition. I loved it! Maheshi looked simply stunning and made a beautiful bride. Like always I can’t say enough about all the wonderful vendors that helped this all together. N’Yoka from Clink Events THANK YOU for trust and making another wonderful match because without you I wouldn’t have even been there. I wish you guys THE BEST and hope your move to Dallas is a fruitful one!

VENDORS: The Four Seasons ,Michelle’s Patisserie, Marquee Rents, ILIOS lighting, Sasha Lemay, Penguin Entertainment, Jannanda Ahugoda, Manoja Wimalakantha, Herath Kumaradasa, Merveille and Lee Tran

Veronica - I love these photos! They capture the magic of the Buddhist ceremony beautifully. It really felt like we were in a movie.

Damien - As in the case of the photos of the Hindu ceremony, these photos are as good as a video coverage, as they have captured the emotions along with the scene. Good wishes to bride & groom. Congrats to the photographer for the Marvelous piece of art.

Adela - Just loved the pictures. The colors were so vibrant in these photos. Enjoyed the many loving and tender shots of the couple.

Vicki - I love the pictures of the bride and her mother especially the one during the ceremony. What wonderful remembrances of a lovely day.

West - Beautiful!!!!!!

Gina Whittington - SO beautiful! Thank you for capturing the day perfectly!

Melissa de Anda - Love these pictures…especially the one of Nish as he was waiting to get his first glance at you Maheshi.

RoseMary Perez - These photos are amazing! What a beautiful bride!

Joanne Whitaker - I love the black/white picture where you are sittin gon the bench looking at each other. That one is my favorite. Looks like it was a WONDERFUL wedding. Congratulations!

Vanessa Escobedo Barba - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! it was such an awesome wedding and I was lucky to be a part of it!

Laura - very nice round two photos! love them all!

Todd Blackard - Viji

Thank you so much for the pictures. How absolutely wonderful your son and new daughter in law look. You must be so proud! And look at you, all decked out and styling! I am used to seeing you in workout attire. I will forward these to my Mom. Thank you again.

Todd Blackard