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Payton 6months!

I had the pleasure of photographing Payton yesterday… once again one of my past couples had a beautiful baby and I get to see him grow! Love my JOB!!!! Court and Correne thanks for trusting me with your memories!

Payton was pretty much done with all of us by this point… he did extremely well for being tired.


woohooo…. Andrea&Mike are getting married at the UT Golf Club and I can’t wait! I’m super excited to see what Andi and Gina from Clink Events do to make this an amazing wedding! Here are a couple of my favorites from their engagement session last week.

Stephanie Benitez - I love this picture!!! I am so happy for you guys and can’t wait for the big event!

Saul Benitez - You guys look so great!

Meghan Williams - Beautiful pictures…you look terrific!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!


I had such a wonderful time with Jaclyn and her mom last week! It was  perfect bridal session and I couldn’t be happier! This wedding is going to knock my socks off! Thank’s to Sarah&Courtney from Caplan Miller for making a perfect match!

donna pruett - great photos for a very special occasion! thanks for sharing this special time with us!

Tim Taylor - One of the most beautiful weddings we have ever attended..
Everything was perfect, even the rain didn’t matter..and it did stop for everyone to enjoy that wonderful meal…
There was alot of thought, time, and love that went into the planning..
Jacki is just beautiful inside and out,Nick is precious and will never forget the camel story… we wish you the best of everything and send much love..
Tim an Chessy Taylor

Judythe Hixson - Beautiful, beautiful bride. Wonderful wedding that even a thundershower couldn’t dampen.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful honeymoon.

Vickie Manek - Since we weren’t able to attend, the pictures really were so great for us! Everything looked so very beautiful, fun, and very uniquely Texas ! Loved that Texas flavor!

Fabulous job everyone! Vickie Manek ( Joe too! )

Jessica - Where were these pictures taken?? I LOVE the crisp white of the photos in the beginning with the black chandelier and funky chair.


I’m super excited about Holly&Daniel’s wedding this weekend at her parents ranch!!!!! I know Barbara from Barbara’s Brides will make this an unforgettable event! To see more photos of them click here. Come back next week for a sneak peak of the wedding!

Dream Dinner Guest: Too easy…Beyonce.  First, we’d eat.  Then, we’d dance.
Hero: Dr. Boenig. Aside from my mother, he’s the world’s greatest teacher.
Favorite Subject in School: British Lit.
Favorite Pastime: Reading…by the pool…in the Texas heat…with my best girls nearby. Oh, and Daniel can come, too.
Favorite Book: ‘The Woman in White’ by Wilkie Collins. And, yes, I liked it before I became a bride.
ALL-TIME Favorite Song: 2 Live Crew “Cop Killer”
ALL-TIME Favorite Vacation: New York City. The trip with the Rehmanns AND the trip with the Weesemanns.
Place of Birth: Austin, Texas. Whoop!

Dream Dinner Guest: Neil Patrick Harris
Hero: Jesus (or my mom)
Favorite Subject in School: Parasitology
Favorite Pastime: Fishing
Favorite Book: Bless Me, Ultima
ALL-TIME Favorite Song: In the Light -DC Talk
ALL-TIME Favorite Vacation: July 4th at the Llano
Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, Texas

Celina+Hector – San Diego 03.15.10

I was fortunate enough to travel to San Diego last week to photograph my second cousins (not really sure what the correct title is but that feels right) wedding. While I was there I got to hang out with my sisters who live there and my parents! It was a much needed vacation for me and I had an awesome time! Celina is Diana’s daughter who is my step-mom’s (really she’s just my mom) niece… Not only did these 2 just get hitched they are also welcoming baby Valentina soon! I wish you guys the best of LUCK and call me when you need a break. I would love to watch the wee-one! THANKS again for having me along for the ride!





Celina’s dad!




Celina and Diana!

Yolanda (my mom’s sister in the blue)


Hector with his nephew




Love the boys!



Celina with Orlando, her second dad!





Shot by my sister KATHY!



I could live here!







The view from the boat… see I could live here!






Crazy kids!


Ok… me and my mom (she did good with the silly face), me and Celina, me and my sister Kathy (who is very boring on silly faces) and me and my sister Christina. I’m obviously not very good at the silly face since I just seem to have ONE LOOK! I’ll work on that!



me with my dad and mom… cute!

Veronica Avila - First off I love your work prima! Second-Celina looked stunning! Beautiful pics. Since I missed the event, you captured it well. I cried when I saw the pic with the ocean behind them…it was picture perfect- she had the perfect setting- and the perfect photographer!

Celina Zamora-Torres - Thank you Vanessa for making this day SO special by capturing the moments we can look back and cherish. Seeing our families, and the beauty of where we had our ceremony can now forever be in our future :) Love you cuz! Thanks again for joining us and really do an amazing job!

Julie - LOVE IT! These pix are awesome and as beautiful as the subjects :)

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Torres!


Anastasia Eckhart - This was one of my favorite days! I loved being there, sharring such a special moment, and having the memory. Vanessa, you captured it so well that even if I wasn’t there, I could look at the pictures and feel every moment. Bravo! Celina- the most beautiful bride I have EVER seen and Hector, so handsome. You two are my favorite, thank you, I love you.

Milagros - These so very much capture the essence of you my sweet Celi and the wonderful love Hector has for you! These are fabulous and a beautiful keepsake!

vanessa - I was awesome!!!! I’m just glad I was able to be there!

GZD - Your pictures capture the true essence of Celina. Great job!

rose hackney - Mi’ja, how do we download these luscious photos of you and your husband!

rmzh - I’ll tell you what, m’dear, Vanessa’s camera certainly captured your “totalness”………from our little Celina, to the Sweet 15era, to the lovely Bride. We love you, Mi’ja

Robert M Zamora - Thank you for including us in such an important celebration. I wish both of you and your bundle of joy a life time of happiness. Remember all things are possible through Christ. Love you mija.

Auntie Sylvia

Andrea R Zamora - Beautiful pics. It was a very nice celebration I wish you both happiness…well i guess i should say the 3 of you all the happiness. Love you very much your favorite cousin yaya.

Issie 8 months!

I know I sound like a broken record but I’m an extremely LUCKY GIRL!!!! Not only do I get to photograph amazing couples I get to see the wee-ones that come after. Here are some photos from Issie’s 8 month session. She is ridiculously adorable and such a good baby (well… she was a squirmer but that’s ok… keeps me on my toes)!  To see more photos from her 4 month session click here!











Ellie Donahoe - I love you issie! Ellie

Robert M Zamora - Great pictures! Great times! Beautiful place to get married! Love you mija!

Jeff Hackney - Beautiful Pictures! Wish we could have been there, but glad we can experience your special day through pictures.

Uncle Jeff


Wohoo… heading to San Diego tomorow morning for Celina and Hector’s wedding. She’s my cousin… but that’s a long story… so stay tuned for more photos!
PS: I wont be back till Wednesday … Wohoo again for ME! Looking forward to hanging out with the FAM!




  • Dream Dinner Guest: (in the future)…Hector and I on our 25th anniversary overlooking a beautiful ocean. If not, I would have LOVED to have sat down with Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis…classy classy lady !
  • Hero: The women in my family. They are strong, beautiful, compassionate, and remind you to not wait for things to happen…no matter what crazy obstacles may come your way
  • Favorite Subject in School: Recess…I ate dirt as a child…ha…just kidding about the recess part. I enjoyed my advertising and animal science classes in college.
  • Favorite Pastime: Spending time outside (biking, water sports, listening to live music) and having foot rubs from Hector (super great)
  • Favorite Book: The Alchemist and The Little Train That Could (both reach the same type of conclusion but drawn/told a little differently)
  • ALL-TIME Favorite Song: Ohhhhh….too many, but if I had to choose one…You and Me-Dave Matthews (it’s our song)…oh and anything from Ray LaMontagne and Bob Marley
  • ALL-TIME Favorite Vacation:  Oh I’ve been blessed to visit some of the coolest places on Earth…I’d have to really say any place that frees my mind, educates me, relaxes me, but more importantly allows me to have fun with loved ones.
  • Place of Birth: El Paso, TX


  • Dream Dinner Guest: Bill Clinton, he turned the country around and left us with a surplus personally he has issues but who doesn’t?
  • Hero: Ghandhi, hello?!
  • Favorite Subject in School: computer science, it was programming, now?  not so much
  • Favorite Pastime: cycling, swimming, snow skiiing, skydiving, cooking and patatatime with C
  • Favorite Book: 7 Habits of highly effective people it was the beginning of many paradigm shifts in my life, it served as a catalyst in many ways
  • ALL-TIME Favorite Song:  Rosana’s Contigo
  • ALL-TIME Favorite Vacation:  Mallorca, Espana
  • Place of Birth:  Houston, TX ugh!!!