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nishan+maheshi -austin wedding, four seasons hotel 05.07.10 part2

Here is PART 2 of Nishan&Maheshi wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel!!! I had never attended or photographed a Buddhist ceremony and I was truly a wonderful experience to see and feel this amazing tradition. I loved it! Maheshi looked simply stunning and made a beautiful bride. Like always I can’t say enough about all the wonderful vendors that helped this all together. N’Yoka from Clink Events THANK YOU for trust and making another wonderful match because without you I wouldn’t have even been there. I wish you guys THE BEST and hope your move to Dallas is a fruitful one!

VENDORS: The Four Seasons ,Michelle’s Patisserie, Marquee Rents, ILIOS lighting, Sasha Lemay, Penguin Entertainment, Jannanda Ahugoda, Manoja Wimalakantha, Herath Kumaradasa, Merveille and Lee Tran

Veronica - I love these photos! They capture the magic of the Buddhist ceremony beautifully. It really felt like we were in a movie.

Damien - As in the case of the photos of the Hindu ceremony, these photos are as good as a video coverage, as they have captured the emotions along with the scene. Good wishes to bride & groom. Congrats to the photographer for the Marvelous piece of art.

Adela - Just loved the pictures. The colors were so vibrant in these photos. Enjoyed the many loving and tender shots of the couple.

Vicki - I love the pictures of the bride and her mother especially the one during the ceremony. What wonderful remembrances of a lovely day.

West - Beautiful!!!!!!

Gina Whittington - SO beautiful! Thank you for capturing the day perfectly!

Melissa de Anda - Love these pictures…especially the one of Nish as he was waiting to get his first glance at you Maheshi.

RoseMary Perez - These photos are amazing! What a beautiful bride!

Joanne Whitaker - I love the black/white picture where you are sittin gon the bench looking at each other. That one is my favorite. Looks like it was a WONDERFUL wedding. Congratulations!

Vanessa Escobedo Barba - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! it was such an awesome wedding and I was lucky to be a part of it!

Laura - very nice round two photos! love them all!

Todd Blackard - Viji

Thank you so much for the pictures. How absolutely wonderful your son and new daughter in law look. You must be so proud! And look at you, all decked out and styling! I am used to seeing you in workout attire. I will forward these to my Mom. Thank you again.

Todd Blackard

cecelia+eric – vintage villas austin wedding 05.08.10 Part2

When I was thinking of what to write about Cecelia and Eric the first thing I thought of was what an amazing laugh Cecelia has and how cute it is that she sticks out her tongue when she’s excited. Eric is not only one of the most down to earth men I have even met he is also truly in love with his bride and he’s not afraid to show it. I had an amazing time at their wedding… why… because once again I was reminded how lucky I am to have this wonderful job. I wish you guys only the BEST!!! You are genuinely amazing and I’m extremely lucky to have been a part of your day! I’m in love with these photos and as I was editing them I felt soooo happy the rain just teased us, Thanks for everything and THANKS to Stephanie from BZ Events! Here is a link to their engagement photos and a link to the wedding and reception photos or you can just scroll down.

I couldn’t decide what dress photo I liked better so I just decided to post BOTH!

See… awesome laugh!

Bouquets of Austin did such an amazing job!

They had their finger prints engraved on the inside of their rings.

Love these casual family photos!

John Schneider - wow, these are some amazing photos from a beautiful wedding. What a crazy/awesome couple!

Jennifer Cannon-Smith - Beautiful photographs of Cecelia and Eric’s “perfect” wedding. All of Cecelia’s happiest expressions are captured in a magical way through these artistic photos.

mark leander - What a beautiful wedding. I agree with jennifer – these photos really seem to “capture the moment” in a delightfully artistic way. But what I really want to know is what you and your Mom were saying to each other! ;-))

mark leander - What a beautiful wedding. I agree with jennifer – these photos really seem to “capture the moment” in a delightfully artistic way. But what I really want to know is what you and your sister were saying to each other! ;-))

Cathy and Alan Baum - What beautiful pictures of a gorgeous couple! They are fabulous. Had a great time at the wedding. Everything was wonderful!

Mai - The pictures are beautiful and captures the wonderful atmosphere. Artistic pictures in a most pleasant and relaxed way.

Sally P. Baum - Dear Vanessa,
Our family has enjoyed viewing your wonderful pictures that captured the true essence of the day and night of Cecelia and Eric’s wedding. How fortunate they were to find you, who has such a talent to reflect and capture memories in photos. Thank you for being so cordial and making our memoires all special.
We enjoyed you energy and artfulness.
Sally and Doug Baum

cecelia+eric – Vintage Villas Austin wedding 05.08.10 part1

Here is a quick sneak peak of Cecelia&Eric’s wedding this past weekend at Vintage Villas! Since I posted Friday’s wedding backwards I thought I would do the same for Cecelia and Eric. THANKS to Stephanie from BZ Events for running this shindig… you my darling did an awesome job!  PS. There programs were actual mad libs that the guests had to fill out. I loved this idea, what a wonderful way to get something personal and truly unique from your favorite people!!!!!! Here are some photos from their engagement session. I’ll have more photos SOON so keep an eye out!!!!


Coco Paloma Desserts- Paloma, DJ Bryne Rock, Bouquets of Austin, Hair + Makeup Jen Hoover, booth BOOTH and Crescent Video Productions

The culprits – Diane with Crescent Video, the BZ Events girls, two Photogs, and a Bride who popped in!

The Groom had to sneak in as well.

Stephanie Ridge - Seriously — one of the most fun weddings I’ve been a part of!! Cecelia & Eric — thank you for letting BZ be a part of your day. Vanessa — you captured this sweet/sassy couple so beautifully! Y’all — Vanessa rocks!! Love it!

Cecelia - Vanessa-

What a wonderful present to come home from vacation to find these photos. I am totally blown away by how good they are…. you are one super awesome talented lady. I am so happy you were part of our day, and you were right. The ceremony was the best part. :)
ps thank you soooo much. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!

Carrie - I LOVE your dress! Photo’s are beautiful!

Jennifer Cannon-Smith - Gorgeous photos. Love the attention to detail that captured this beautiful wedding. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Cecelia and Eric.

Daniel Baum - Great pics for a great wedding!

Wendi - Love the pictures, especially the B & W of you in your slip strapping on your shoes. That is too cool! Beautiful wedding!! Great pictures!

Heather Baum (sister of the beautiful bride) - I am blown away with emotion as I relive each moment of a beautiful day filled with love as Cecelia and Eric begin their life together! The photos are truly spectacular!!! Vanessa you have quite a knack for capturing each moment that provides Cecelia, Eric, family and friends memories to last a life time :)! Thank you again for being a vital role of a momentous event!


nishan+maheshi -austin wedding, four seasons hotel 05.07.10 part1

Ok… I feel like I need to take a deep breath before this POST. WOW!!!! What an incredible wedding this past Friday at the Four Seasons Hotel. I can’t THANK N’Yoka from Clink Events enough for being wedding coordinator extraordinaire and to Gina for making everything look AMAZING! I’m going to do this a little different this time and post backwards! Here are some awesome photos form the Hindu ceremony and reception! Stay tuned for photos from the Buddhist ceremony, couple photos and MORE!  Nishan and Maheshi (and your families) I can’t say enough about how wonderful you are and how incredible our experience was… we loved being a part of your day. There are a ton of photos so kick back! Lots of praise to the wonderful vendors! They are listed below the photos. Here are some photos from their engagement session.

VENDORS: The Four Seasons ,Michelle’s Patisserie, Marquee Rents, ILIOS lighting, Sasha Lemay, Penguin Entertainment, Jannanda Ahugoda, Manoja Wimalakantha, Herath Kumaradasa, Merveille and Lee Tran

Jay - Excellent choice in Vanessa :)

Ammi - WONDERFUL! OH! MINE! Maheshi Nish, beautiful couple. Venessa, you did a great job! ammi

Saman Ansari - Hi Vanessa:
It was lovely to meet with you at the wedding as Maheshi’s Makeup artist and Hair designer. The images are so vibrant and reflect the essence of the events in a fabulous way.
I look forward to working with you again!

allimcb - There you are! Like a movie! Best. Night. Ever. Love you both and can’t wait to party (maybe not as hard as captured above) in big D!

Melissa de Anda - Vanessa,
Amazing job! I love all the photos.


Diana - What wonderful pictures of these to amazing people. Thank you for a great night and lots of great memories!!

anoshie - Beautiful photos! Love the colors!

Bao - WOW!! What a great Wedding and wonderful photos to remember it with. Can’t wait for you guys to move back to BIG D. Love you!

Laura - These look so great, love all the vibrant colors! Can’t wait to see the Buddhist ceremony as well. Such a fun celebration and these photos are just perfect. ~ Laura

Nimal Ratnayake - What a great wedding! The celebration is very well covered by Vanessa & her assistant. A delicate job very well covered. Can’t wait to see the other photos as well. Appachchi

Sheryl Yarbrough - Amazing pictures! I love the vibrant colors. Looking at these makes me feel as if I was actually there. I love the way you captured the essence,excitement and joy of the day! I can’t wait to see the pictures of the Buddhist ceremony. Best wishes to you Nishan & Maheshi for a wonderful life together.

imasha - First of all congrtulations & wish u both Happy Wedded Life.Photos are really nice.want to c more….& buddhist function too.Have fun ,TC sis…Miss ur big day but always with u in mind…Love u,Imasha

Ramya - Great pictires and some nice angles and close ups. Everyone looks so good! I hope my photos turn out even half as well.

Viji - These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Everything about this day was perfect! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Stunning couple!

Kathleen - What a beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!

RoseMary Perez - I cried with joy seeing these beautiful images! What a blessed day for them all! You are a wonderful photographer, you caught the action, the beauty, the sacredness of this wonderful day!

Dierdre Tinker - These photos were not only amazing with the pulsating colors, beautiful subjects, and visual vibrancy, but having never seen a Hindu ceremony, I felt like I got to be part of something very sacred and had a bit of a social studies lesson too. Thank you. Viji, I of course, love the photos of you and all the guests dancing. The lighting was spectacular!

Lori Salazar - What vibrant pictures! I loved seeing how each moment was captured and how the photos really brought things to life! Beautiful and blessed couple! Congratulations!

Kathy Szekely - What a wonderful cermony. You are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful wedding for you son. The pictures were beautiful.

Leslie - Congratulations Viji for you and your family,beautiful wedding.

Annette Martinez - All I can say is WOW….what a spectacular wedding. Those photos blew me away!! Congratulations Viji!!! You have a beautiful family and you looked amazing.

colleen friskey - The photos are beautiful – what an amazing wedding!

Tamra Lambert - How beautiful…the colors were stunning. :)

Malsi Z - WOW!!! Beautiful pictures and a lovely ceremony!! Congratulations Viji!

Dulia Longoria - AAAMAAZZZING!! Blessings to the newlyweds! Thanks for sharing your joy!

Anita Mathew - Such an awesome wedding! It all came together so beautiful,the pictures have captured it all. Brought back fond memories for myself.

Maribel - It looked stunning, beautiful bride! I’m so glad everything turned out wonderful! Everyone looked amazing!

Vivian Minor - Everything looks stunning!

jean - WOW, the events look like a fairy tale! Everyone is sooo beautiful. The flowers are stunning and the photos show the joy and movement that were so much a part of the wedding.

Hilda - This is sooo beutiful. Congratulations.

Renuka S. - Photographs look great! It really brought out the liveliness of the night!

Renuka S. - Photos look great, it brought out the liveliness of the night!

sue - What a beautiful wedding! The flowers and all the colors are breathtaking — just like the bride and groom!

Clara - what a beautiful wedding and great pictures, and the ceremony fantastic.

Steele - These are the most beautiful photos that I have ever seen in my life- and I am 45+ years old! …. The bride and groom are the PERFECT COUPLE. And you my AMIGA “VIJI” face looks so fresh, happy, relax and most of all BLESS. GOD Bless you all.

Damien - WOW Great pictures. The diffrence in these pics is that the emotions of the each moment is captured along with the scene. EXCELLENT!!!

Denise - What a lovely wedding ceremony! The photos truly capture the love, joy, and friendship shared on this special day. My heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the bride, groom and their families.

Helen - Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing, I love them.

Rukmani Thuraisamy - Beautiful couple thanks viji love you.

Veronica - The most beautiful photos of a wedding I have ever seen! I was so happy to be a part of this beautiful occasion with!

kim nguyen - Congratulations to you & your family! Wedding looked so beautiful!!

Adela - Beautiful pictures. The photographer did a great job of capturing the beauty of the reception. Great action shots, too! It looked like everyone was having a great time.

Ganesh - Excellent photography. I did not realize this will be real to this level. Superbly done. Great job!

Todd Blackard - Viji Wow, look at you dancing the night away! Good thing you have been working out. Thanks again

Todd Blackard

andrea+mike – austin wedding ut golf club 04.24.10 PART2

As promised the second PART of Andrea&Mike’s fabulous wedding. A million THANKS again to Andi from Clink Events for making everything run smoothly and to Gina for making everything look amazing! Click here to see PART ONE.

Mike has this move down!

awesome vendors: Bombay Bistro, Simon Lee, Marquee Rents, ILIOS, Rhea McCarter, Roar, Texas Professional DJ, Merveille, Bobalu Cigar Co., Vintage Rides of Austin and Mehndi Time

Sandy Farr - What a BEAUTIFUL wedding! A great day of celebration. Congratulations, lots of love and many years of happiness!

Jorge R. Robert - Beautiful wedding !! What a party !! Wish the couple much health and success in the future….

Meghan Williams - Sweet Pics!!

Lourene Roode - It was such a festive, stylish and happy celebration to start a new era of Mike and Andrea’s life together! Keep that fun factor always….