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Chris+Carrie – The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge, Austin Wedidng

When 2 friends that you known for 16 years get hitched it’s a bit difficult… not only did I tear up during the ceremony I have been laughing and choking up looking through all the images. Chris and Carrie’s wedding was a true reflection of who they are and I feel extremely lucky to have been a part of it. A million THANKS to Kat Bevel for second shooting and taking over the reception so I could pretend to have some awesome dance moves : ) On a side note I wanted to give their images a little edge since they are my favorite rockers… the treatment is different than my signature look but I love it. Chris&Carrie CONGRATS and I LOVE YOU!


Lisa D Cowan - Wow! I love all of these! It makes me wish I had rescheduled our wedding to a day that you could have come:):) You always get magnificent photos but I think your love for Chris and Carrie really shines through in these photographs.